Laravel on openshift


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Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP web development. Freeing you from spaghetti code, it helps you create wonderful applications, using simple, expressive syntax. Development should be a creative experience that you enjoy, not something that is painful. Enjoy the fresh air!

Laravel is a PHP 5.3 framework that describes itself as a “A Framework For Web Artisans”. According to its author, Taylor Otwell, Laravel strives to bring back the joy to programming by making Laravel simple, elegant, and, most importantly, well-documented.

From my experience with the framework, I would definitely agree that Laravel hits these three points dead-on:

Simple - Laravel's functionalities are easy to understand and implement. If you enjoy how simple and easy CodeIgniter is, then you'll love Laravel
Elegant - most of Laravel's functions work seamlessly with very little configuration, relying on industry-standard conventions to lessen code-bloat
Well-documented - Laravel's documentation is complete and always up-to-date. The framework creator makes it a point to update the documentation before releasing a new version, ensuring that people who are learning the framework always have the latest documentation.

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